Burger King & Adult Swim

WhoDunnit Mystery

Original Interactive Multiplatform Experience

360° Program:  For 4 weeks, fans interacted with the Adult Swim, multi-platform Mystery experience. Through custom-crafted on-air spots, in-show billboards, social posts and cobranded ad media, Adult Swim drove fans online to solve the mystery and be entered into the WHODUNNIT? sweepstakes for a chance to win a $5K cash prize. Program ran adjacent to and within the Mike Tyson Mysteries Season 1B.

Burger King brand and products were organically woven into an Adult Swim and Burger King branded mystery through an original storyline with an entire mystery centered around the Burger King "crown," social share by earning additional rewards and overall user-interface within the experience.

Online: Every week, fans engaged by scouring for mystery code words across multiple platforms to help solve the mystery. Fans were rewarded with extra entries for sharing. Fans also had a chance to win secondary prizes (Mike Tyson Mysteries show swag and Burger King gift cards) through the Daily Instant Win game.

On-Air:  High-impact custom co-branded Burger King spot invited viewers to participate in the mystery and mystery "code word" were released in-show each week which ultimately helped fans solve the mystery.

Results: The Adult Swim Mystery allowed fans to interact with the brand like never before! A combination of digital, social, on-air and network promotions provided Burger King and Adult Swim with an addicting fanfare event. As a result, Adult Swim delivered on Burger King’s brand objectives that provided Burger King with reach, engagement, and continuity over a month.

Fans experienced the Mystery magic in the following ways:

+ 46,073 users registered to the experience!

+ Submitted a total of 312,707 sweepstakes entries with an average of 7 entries per users

+ Clocked in a total of 246,740 Instant Win Game Plays

+ Site delivered 1,233,056 total page views, 258,599 total visits and 88,740 total unique visitors

+ Over the four weeks promotion, fans spent an average of 2 mins within the experience daily, mobile lead in time spent averaging 2:17 minutes per day.

Video Reel:

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