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Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Webisodes

Result Driven Integrated Campaign

Sponsor: Capital One

360º Program: Promoted the benefits of the Venture Card to affluent consumers who are interested in travel rewards

Online: Along with partner Capital One, this interactive webisode series tells an untoldstory of Auggie's first field mission since rejoining the CIA as a handler after being blinded during a tour in Iraq. Webisodes will tie in to an upcoming on-air episode set in Barcelona during the season. At key moments, the webisodes will allow fans to make decisions that affect the story; choose-your-own-adventure technology will be seamlessly integrated into the experience.

Fans will earn affinity points for making choices and engaging with the webisodes, fans can also earn "double reward" points for sharing webisodes on Facebook or checking in to the show.

On-Air: Three vignettes themed around rewards and travel - the Venture Card's core consumer benefits

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