Choose your own ending live voting event

Socially driven multiplatform experience

Sponsor: Dunkin' Donuts

Psych "Choose Your Own Ending" 100th Episode: live voting second screen and social experience #WhoDDit

Multiplatform: Twitter, Mobile, Online and On-Air

For the first time ever in both Psych and USA history, fans of USA Network's Psych had the opportunity to determine the show's ending via a live interactive, socially charged crowd-sourced event

Sponsored by Dunkin' Donuts as the Social TV sponsor (#WhoDDit), the multiplatform experience kicked off 3 weeks prior across web, social and mobile. Fans were getting revved up and clued in on the episode with Psych themed interactive countdown calendar, custom polls, USA Sync second screen companion viewing, trivia and challenges across all the show's social channels.

How it works:

  • Fans could vote for one of five suspects online via Twitter or online using a custom hashtags for each possible culprit.
  • Real-time poll results were displayed during both coasts' broadcasts of the episode. Viewers on both coasts were kept abreast of the polling results via real-time on-air graphics.
  • Ultimately fans were able to see two of three alternate endings online and on-demand the day after the telecast. The unaired third ending was featured as exclusive bonus content on the season seven DVD.

Killer Results:

  • Psych 100th episode was the #1 scripted original on cable, bringing in 1.2 million P18-49, 1.2 million P25-54 and 2.9 million total viewers. It was also #1 in the prized 18-34 demographic with 662,000 viewers, up +37% over last week.
  • During this real time event, fans participated with more than 150,000 votes determining that they would see one alternate ending on the East Coast and another on the West Coast. Over 100,000 of the votes originated on USA platforms.
  • Psych was the #1 entertainment scripted show on social for the day.
  • Psych fan vote drove 166,000 social mentions with 13 trending hashtags.
  • Fans unlocked more than 24,000 custom Get Glue stickers with a social media reach of 13 million.

Award: Winner of CableFAXIES Awards for Social Media During a Program

Video Reel:

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