Dunkin' Donuts & Adult Swim

Reaching Millennials Through Gaming Experience

360° Program: Dunkin' Donuts  partnered with Adult Swim to engage millennials through an integrated campaign centered around a groundbreaking game integration. The opportunity gave Dunkin' a chance to increase engagement and reach within Adult Swim's coveted fan base in a never-been-done-before way.

A combination of mobile, digital, on-air and network promotions provided DD and Adult Swim with an addictive fanfare event. As a result, Adult Swim's fans interacted with the Dunkin' brand on a daily basis, in a multi-faceted approach that allowed users to reap rewards and enhance their experience – all thanks to Dunkin' Donuts.

Online:  As the sequel to the site's most popular game franchise, Robot Unicorn Attack 2, Adult Swim most successful mobile game with over 15M downloads, RUA2 has been raking in high accolades and millions of gameplays per month across both iOS and Android platforms. In this fantastical fast-reaction game, users are challenged to dash through fantasy worlds, choose between Team Rainbow or Team Inferno, compete in unique prizes, complete goals with their very own customizable unicorn and battle mighty giants.

Dunkin' Donuts product and brand messaging were organically integrated and promoted in multiple ways throughout the game experience on iOS and Android platforms. Promotion utilized all platforms across mobile, digital, TV and social to capture fans’ attention and encourage gameplay in a first-of-its-kind experience.

On-Air:  Adult Swim created on-air promotional spot, integrated with key Dunkin' Donuts messaging and highlighting the awesome RUA2 activation.

Results: RUA2 delivered lasting rewards and enhancements for fans! RUA2 is the highest performing gaming app currently on Adult Swim -

+ RUA2 accounts for 41% of total mobile game plays (year to date). RUA2 Game received over 8M total session launches from fans!

+ 395,975 total downloads

+ 266,938 avg. sessions launches/per day

+ 1,250,263 unique users

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