Warner Brothers Edge of Tomorrow & Turner Broadcasting

Live. Die. Retweet.

First-ever Cross-Divisional Integrated Campaign

Cross-Divisional Integrated Program:WB and Turner partnered to give viewers access to the highly-anticipated summer blockbuster Edge of Tomorrow, via a two-week cross-portfolio stunt. The result fostered increased fan-engagement with Edge of Tomorrow and a true connection between movie goers and movie content/characters.

Unfolding throughout Turner Entertainment platforms, Edge of Tomorrow enjoyed messaging on-air and online, brand association with core network promotions and social impressions shared by Turner Entertainments active fan base through Facebook and Twitter.


Online:Building off of the "countdown" to the Edge of Tomorrow, Turner Network placed fans on a mission to discover the hidden world of the Edge of Tomorrow. Turner Entertainment created an Edge of Tomorrow movie hub that:

+ Housed daily unlocked movie content
+ Linked to the Edge of Tomorrow Red Carpet Premiere Sweepstakes
+ Debuted WB's exclusive enhanced trailer on 5/12

Utilizing Turner's Twitter and Facebook fan base, fans were encouraged to tweet to specific hashtag (#LiveDieRetweet) daily to unlock content online (content provided by WB). When the amount of tweets reached a certain gauge, the exclusive content was unlocked.Fans were able to share each content unlocked via Facebook and Twitter.

On-Air:Turner Networks developed custom spots driving viewers online to tweet #LiveDieRetweet to unlock content and enter the sweepstakes. Custom IMAX trailer drivers and lower thirds drove to a synchronized debut of WBs Edge of Tomorrow IMAX trailer aired on-air across Adult Swim, TBS, Turner Sports, truTV, and CNN.

Results: Program exceeded projected goals within the digital extension including but not limited to: social sharing, engagement, and reach.

+ #LiveDieRetweet program earned approx. 6.7M potential social media reach through Twitter and Facebook, with 90% of reach from Twitter.

+ #LiveDieRetweet had the most tweets (#EdgeofTomorrow #2 most tweeted hashtag, #AskEOT #3)

+ LiveDieRetweet.com sponsored by WB, earned a total of 22,876 total page views, 10,411 uniques, users spending an average of 2.60 minutes per visit on the page and 4,065 sweepstake entries over the course of the two-weeks sponsorship (5/5-5/16).

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