White Collar & Ford

Series Premiere, Finale & Multi-Phased Social Campaign

Result Driven Year-long Campaign

Sponsor: Ford

360º Program: The year-long synergistic campaigns for White Collar 3.5 & 4.0 were Mozzie’s Mission and Neal's Stash. The initiatives featured familiar themes of code-breaking and careful observation while expanding the scope to include a real life treasure hunt, social media participation on Facebook and Twitter, and linking to an affinity program in which fans earned points and prizes.  

In the first installment, Mozzie needed users' help investigating a large conspiracy surrounding Neal's past and a supposed stash of stolen goods, while the second installment involves locating that stash somewhere in the U.S. The two acted as one big combined campaign, sharing tools such as chat features, a progress map, and integration into White Collar Society (affinity program).


Phase 1: Starting with Mozzie's Mission, viewers step into Mozzie's world and helped him with a real-life mission that tested their deductive skills which brought them closer to solving the final mystery. Users could apply their investigation techniques to the current theory surrounding Neal: whether or not he had a hidden stash of stolen goods somewhere in the U.S.

Phase 2: Fans virtually joined in a search of "Neal's Stash," a national crowd-sourcing treasure hunt that invited fans to help track down an old score by using multiple social channels, games, and video diaries featuring show characters. In the end, players who complete all missions got entered into a grand prize sweepstakes for the chance to win a 2013 Ford Taurus.


High-impact elements include Pre-Promotional Tune-In Spots, In-Show Promotional Units and Custom Vignettes

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